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2D X-Ray Digital Radiography and 3D X-ray Inspection Systems

We design & build the full range of 2D digital radiography X-ray inspection systems and 3D X-ray CT inspection systems , services and training to a wide variety of industries—automotive, aerospace, defense/ordinance, medical device, and manufacturing industries. No testing challenge is too small or too large for our attention. We offer state-of-the-art x-ray equipment to test the integrity of everything from heart valves and pacemakers to aircraft wings.


Need immediate Inspection?

North Star Imaging’s Inspection Services Group provides real-time X-ray inspection and CT scanning services to virtually anyone needing to verify the integrity of internal components, with quick turn around times.

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Affordability and Simplicity

The ImagiX is our most compact system. The system can be configured as a desktop unit or a freestanding system. The generous scanning envelope can handle products up to 5” in size making it a great choice for laboratories or R&D applications.


Compact & Efficient

The X25 is quite possibly the most conveniently sized system on the market. The system offers all of the same creature features as the larger systems while still maintaining the ability to fit through a standard interior door. The X25 is well suited for small to medium sized objects.


Powerful and Ergonomic

The X50 is one of NSI’s most popular models for electronics, aerospace components and medical devices. It offers an excellent balance of power and space sensitivity. The system can handle products up to 12 in (30 cm) in size while seated nicely in your failure analysis lab or busy production line.


High precision. Metrology made easy.

Seamlessly acquire full internal and external measurements of your components with the CXMM 50, a true X-ray Metrology CT system. Whether you need to measure the inside of a fuel injector or the coating thickness on a heart valve, the CXMM 50 was designed to give the user an unparalleled product development and quality control tool.


Dynamic & Precise

The X3000 is North Star Imaging’s newest standard system. Whether you are inspecting small or large components, the X3000 is the best option for customers needing a compact system with unique capabilities generally available on a larger X-ray or CT system.


Universal and Flexible

The X5000 is the most versatile system offered by North Star Imaging. The system boasts a large scanning envelope and excellent ergonomics for loading sizable objects while still maintaining the sensitivity to inspect even the smallest of items.


Versatile & Adaptive

The X6000 is specifically designed for castings and other large and heavy products. The system features a programmable C-arm manipulator for automated and repeatable inspection sequences. The massive access door and external indexing rotational stage make loading quick and easy.


Modular & Robust

The X7000 is North Star Imaging’s largest standard system. The large scanning envelope and generous focal distance allow for unparalleled inspection capabilities of very large objects. The system is great for composites, castings, pipes, tubes, welds and similar parts.

X-Ray System Upgrades

Superior Performance

NSI combines years of experience in x-ray system manufacturing and inspection services to provide X-ray System Upgrade Packages that are offered by no other company in the industry! We will consult with you on your application, needs and wants and provide a customized package to upgrade your existing x-ray system's capabilities.